Nail Drill Bit Big “Cylinder” Shape

Nail Drill Bit Big “Cylinder” Shape

Nail Drill Bit Big “Cylinder” Shape in Tungsten Carbide, ideal for removing remains of Gel or Acrylic Gel Nails Extension.

The material that composes the Nail Drill Bit for Nails is tungsten carbide, a very hard, dense and resistant metal.

It has an excellent resistance to hits and usury, it is a highly professional material, ideal to ensure a fast and efficient work.

We do not recommend the use of these bits directly on the surface of the nail.

The Bit cut is extremely clean and precise and the twists create small squares slightly inclined on one side to have a greater or smaller abrasion according to the rotation that we will make assume to the Nail Drill.

The diameter of the stem is universal diameter Ø 2.35 mm

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