Nail Design: how could it become my Job?

Nail Design: a Sector in constant development and that is craved by more and more women, who desire or dream to tranform their Passion for Nails and Nail Art into a stable Career!

More and more frequently we receive requests, from our Customers, in relation to the Nail Design Sector and to the necessary path to be able to transform their Passion for the Nail Technique and Nail Art into a stable and satisfactory Job, from the personal and working point of view.

We start immediately with specifying that Nail Design - if with this term we want to indicate the Set of Techniques, practical skills and theoretical knowledge peculiar to the Nail Technician Sector - is a professional field in constant growth and rather particular: although not yet recognised "institutionally", it is a sector which requires a fundamental suitable technical and practical preparation, as well as a correct and precise theoretical preparation!

Having to do daily with the Aesthetics of Nails, in fact, it is impossible not to come into contact with everything that concerns the health of Nails and their anatomical and functional aspects; for this reason, a correct professional preparation is essential in order to be able to operate with safety, for us and for our customers!


Our first Recommendation, therefore, is to get close to the Nail Design Sector without choosing "shortcuts" but always opting for a professional and certified preparation, entrusting on Nail Schools and knowledgeable Teachers and with a great experience level.

The Professional Nail Courses Pics Nails were designed and realised in order to meet this need and to be able to offer to every woman the possibility to choose between a wide range of Nail Courses, in relation to the field of interest and to their experience level!

In this way, already for years, we are able to propose a Complete Formative and Professional Career, which affects all aspects of the Nail Technician Sector, from its bases up to the most modern Nail Trends and Fashions: from Gel Nails Extension (Basic and Advanced) to the Gel Nail Polish Application, from the Nail Art to Micro Nail Decoration, up to the use of the Nail Drill and to the Manicure!


Nail Center and Shops Inaugurations

Only through a career path of this type it is possible to imagine and finally give shape to your own professional position in the Nail Design Sector: each with its own particular skills and creative talents, but all with a suitable preparation!

It is thus that, not infrequently, some of our Nail Courses Participant started their career path until getting to the insertion of the Nail Services within their own Nail Center or the beginning of a new adventure with our own Pics Nails Brand: Opening a Nail Salon Franchising with Pics Nails is another of the possible directions for those who firmly want to operate in the Nail Technician Sector!


Since the Inauguration of the First Leading Centre of Alghero in 2006 to this day, we had the pleasure to accompany and guide step by step some of our Participant in the beginning of their own Affiliated Nail Centre Pics Nails: a Nail Salons Franchising that allows to inaugurate a Corner Shop in your city, enjoying all the benefits of a well-established brand and its recognised high quality standard, such as the Pics Nails one!


Our last Council, then, can only be to follow your dreams and realise them with dedication, study and give life to your desires!

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